We are open to you working on a contract basis or employment whichever works best for you!

Who You Are:

You are an experienced graphics engineer who has worked on a number of launched titles. You should bring a wealth of knowledge of real-time rendering techniques to the team along with hugs for when you need to tell the art team that their prized creations are over budget.

Our team is small and you will be expected to play a significant part in shaping the team's technology and engineering practices. As the team's graphics engineer you will be focused on ensuring that the game looks great on all supported devices and that it runs smoothly in all situations. Other engineers will be looking to you for help and advice on optimization and debugging difficult bugs. The Art Director and other artists will ask you to evaluate the technical feasibility of their ideas and help them bring their vision to life by wringing every drop of power from our target devices.

Ideal candidates will have completed at least one project on Android and/or iOS and have a good knowledge of the Unity rendering pipeline, particularly URP and like all of our hires, you need to be a good team player.

How You'll Contribute:

  • Working with the Art Director and art team to create a beautiful game by
    • Quickly prototyping ideas to evaluate options
    • Turning suitable prototypes into production code which is optimal and bug-free
  • Helping to ensure that the game runs at target frame-rate on all supported devices
  • Building tools to ensure that the artists can work productively
  • Tracking down and fixing the gnarliest of bugs
  • Explaining complex problems clearly and presenting potential solutions and their advantages and disadvantages

What You’ll Need:

  • Able to write high-quality production code in C#
  • Deep understanding of the performance of mobile CPUs and GPUs
  • Up to date knowledge of real-time rendering techniques
  • Awareness of the constraints faced by mobile games and the impact they have on architecture
  • Experience with GPU profiling tools such as Xcode
  • Willingness to work across the whole game and not just on graphics when necessary
  • Desire to work in a creative, inspired start-up environment

Bonus skills:

  • Writing tools within Maya and/or Max
  • Experience with Lua
  • Experience with the Amplify shader editor

Who We Are:

Magic Fuel Games, was founded by experienced game developers to build new simulation games with fresh ideas and global appeal. We are looking for new team members who are passionate about games to join us on this journey.

What We Offer:

  • 100% paid medical/dental/vision for you and your family
  • Flexible schedule, in sync with West Coast hours and when required some overlap with the start of the Beijing day
  • Remote working position
  • Project profit-sharing plan